Friday, March 8, 2013

Peer Support

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My Cardiff family

The one thing that I learned a lot after coming to Cardiff is peer support. I used to think that being alone is great. The fact that you could just do anything on your own, without the need to compromise for other people's needs, it's a very relaxing and enjoyable thing.

Too bad that's not the case when I'm here. Why? Let's see. The immense pressure on you while you get through every knowledge-based and skill-based small group sessions; the endless sleepless nights thinking about the next day's class; the huge stack of books that you need to skim through in order to get the answer that you need; the amount of criticism you get when you did badly in an advocacy class because you're just not good enough. The list doesn't end there.

With all these being thrown at you on a day-to-day basis, you are bound to break down and cry if you don't have anywhere to vent. Twitter is one place but it can't do much to help you. With the help of friends around you, especially those who are going through the same old thing as you, you'll eventually feel better. They can relate to you. They know how you're feeling. They know how to comfort you during the down times.

I do admit I do not have much time to keep in touch with friends back in Malaysia. The endless pile of work, the amount of assessments coming at me, the endless pile of books to go through... Not to mention the time difference. It's tough to just talk to my family. I admit I have not talked on the phone with anyone back in Malaysia bar my family and 1 friend. It's THAT bad.

I'm blessed that I have these friends here with me. The impromptu dinners/lunches, the paths we walked together, the coffee sessions, the afternoon tea sessions, the days we just laze around, etc.

Without them, I would not have survived Bar School. 


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